CNR Card
The College of New Rochelle combines a Video Imaging ID system with a sophisticated system including food, library, door access and a number of auxiliary services, in order to provide members of the College community with a One-Card System.  All of these functions are housed in the Security Office.

Tips For New Card Holders
  • Please report lost cards to the Security Office immediately (24 hours a day) so the card can be deactivated as soon as possible. If your card is misplaced, you are responsible for any unauthorized purchases until security has been notified.
  • Instructions are posted by the swipe readers at the residence halls. Follow these carefully. If your card does not work, call security from the phone by the door.
  • DO NOT PUT HOLES IN THE CARD. This will interfere with one or more of the card's functions. The bookstore sells ID card holders that can be attached to your key ring. You may also purchase a lanyard from the bookstore, and ask the Security Front Office to punch the necessary hole in your card.
  • Be careful that your card is not stored near a credit or bank card, as it may erase the magnetic stripe.
  • Do not throw your card away after the valid date. The card is validated by placing a sticker over the date for each semester.
  • There is a $25 charge to replace lost cards. Please be careful. There is a $10 charge to replace damaged cards. You must have all the pieces with you.
  • If you have any problems with your card, don't hesitate to come to the Security Office during office hours for assistance, or call the CNR Card line at 5265.

Card Functions
  • The card is your ID card. Make sure you have it with you on campus, as security may ask you to produce it at any time.
  • You will need to have a valid ID in order to use the library or the computer lab.
  • If you are a resident student, or wish to use the LCN or Fitness Center, this is your door access card.  You will need it to gain access to the building.  LCN students must bring the LCN form to Security each semester to have it activated for the door at Angela Hall.  This form is available from the LCN or the School of Nursing. Commuter students who are registered for the semester can bring their ID card to the Security Office during office hours to have it activated for the Fitness Center. (NOTE:  Resident cards are automatically activated for the Fitness Center.)
  • The card is also used for Food and Auxiliary accounts.  For more information on the plans available please follow the link below.
  • For answers to frequently asked questions about your ID Card or Food/Auxiliary accounts, follow the link below.