Computing Facilities
The College has over 15 computer classrooms, 14 classrooms with digital SmartBoards, and 5 technology-enhanced smart classrooms that include interactive SmartBoards and digital document cameras and other resources.

On the New Rochelle Campus, 29 classrooms  are equipped with digital projectors, DVD /video decks, and instructor workstations.

State-of-the-art computer labs are available for all students at each campus and the New Rochelle campus includes an advanced Mac studio for Communication Arts and graphic design.

In addition, there are specialized facilities and labs available to students for digital video production (Final Cut Pro), statistical analysis (SPSS) and a newly renovated collaborative learning space for language instruction.

All classrooms and labs have wireless capability and many of the labs are monitored by staff or student technology assistants who are available to assist students in the use of technology.

ANGEL...our web-based learning management system
provides students with online access to academic resources and a broad range of digital tools to enhance communication and collaboration among students and faculty at the College. This user-friendly program helps students stay in touch with faculty and conveniently access their course materials from on or off campus at any time of the day.

Building on the rich environment of the classroom experience at the College, ANGEL complements traditional courses, supports new learning opportunities, and serves as a platform for integrating emerging technologies into the learning environment.