Graduate School Tuition and Fees
The following tuition and fees are for the 2014-2015 academic year. For more information about our New York graduate school, e-mail us at

CNR Tuition/Fees - Graduate School 


Tuition (per credit)



General Student Fee:
9 or more credits
Below 9 credits


Late Registration Fee



Graduation Fee (One time only)



Room and Board: (Subject to Change)
Graduate/Adult Summer (monthly)



The College of New Rochelle tuition, fees and/or other charges are set at a minimum for financially responsible operations, and are below actual operational costs. We are appreciative of gifts and grants received, which make up much of the difference, allowing us to set The College of New Rochelle tuition at the lowest price possible.

If you are looking for a fine grad school in New York, look no further than The College of New Rochelle. Our distinguished faculty are well versed and widely regarded in their fields. Let them help you become tomorrow’s leader. Enroll at CNR today!