Hardware Standards

2013-2014 Replacement Plans

Each year, the Information Systems department develops recommendations to replace ageing computers and prepare the remaining inventory to meet the College’s minimum standards. These standards have been developed based on the fact that they are far beyond the manufacturer’s warranty coverage and do not have the necessary system requirements to sustain modern applications, making them prone to failure.

Recommendations this year include:

Models due for Replacement - Dell:
Optiplex GX270  (support ended July 2010)
Optiplex GX280  (support ended July 2010)
Optiplex SX280  (support ended July 2010)
Optiplex GX620  (support ended July 2011)
Optiplex 745  (support ended July 2012)
Latitude D600 laptop  (support ended July 2010)
Latitude D610 laptop  (support ended July 2011)
Latitude D620 laptop  (support ended July 2012)

Models due for Replacement - Apple:
PowerMac G4  (support ended July 2009)
PowerBook G4  (support ended July 2009)
iMac G4  (support ended July 2009)
iMac G3  (support ended July 2010)
iMac (intel)(support ended July 2010)

2 GB Minimum Memory Requirement (Required for Windows Vista/Windows 7):
Optiplex 755  (Support will end July 2013)
Latitude D630 (Support will end July 2013)

Current Standards - 4 GB Memory minimum
Latitude D630, E6400, E6410, E6420, E6430
Optiplex 760, 780, 790, 990, 9010

Current models (as of January 2013) available to purchase:
Latitude E6430
Optiplex 9010


The College has standardized its printing resources with the printers listed below. These printers have been chosen for their compatibilities with the College's most utilized programs.
* Note: Printing on special paper-types including embossed or raised-surfaces, paper containing fiber (cotton), heavy weight(thick) paper, etc - can cause printing issues on their ‘standard’ printers.  If you require specialized printing to handle non-standard envelopes and paper, please contact Information Systems, so that we can work with you on picking the right printer for your specialized needs.

Monochrome (Black & White) Printers
HP P401DN Black and White Laser Printer (Entry Level-light/med Volume: 6-10 users)
HP M602DN CE992A HP LaserJet Enterprise Printer (Workgroup/High/Lab Volume)
HP M525DN CF116A Black and White LaserJet Multifunction Printer (send to email/Network folder)

Color Printers
HP 8600 CM750A-AIO N911G DNW Plus Color InkJet Multifunction (Entry Level: light/small office home office 1-5 users)
HP M451DN Color LaserJet Printer (Small to Medium: 1-10 users)
HP CM575DN CD644A Color LaserJet Multifunction Printer (Workgroup: Print, Scan, Fax, and Copy 11-20 users)

When looking at a printer model, certain letters in the name typically mean:
D – Supports duplexing (2-sided printing)
C – Able to print documents in color
N – Has built-in network adapter for connecting the printer directly to the CNR network (requires a separate network jack)