Mission & Identity
The Office of Mission and Identity is committed to informing and inspiring the members of the College Community with the Mission Statement and the Ursuline Catholic tradition of the College.  This Mission, grounded in the Gospels, is expressed most particularly in the commitment to the Catholic intellectual, moral, and social justice tradition, to the education of women in the world, to the liberal arts as foundational for living a full effective life, to expanding access to populations historically underserved by higher education, and to creating a community composed of people diverse in origin, race, economic situation, and class.

In order to advance knowledge and understanding of and thereby commitment to the Catholic Ursuline tradition and Mission of The College of New Rochelle, the Office of Mission and Identity provides programs, panels, and opportunities for conversation and dialogue on topics and issues  connected to the College’s Mission, such as the roles and realities of women in the world, the myriad issues of Catholic social justice, and the examination of theological principles, the convergence of faith and reason, essential to Catholic higher education as addressed in Fides et Ratio and Ex corde Ecclesiae.

Take a look at upcoming programs sponsored by the Office of Mission and Identity at The College of New Rochelle.