Reporting Emergencies

Students, faculty, and staff are strongly encouraged to report all potential incidents to the Safety/Security Department. Upon receiving a report, security officers are dispatched to the location to gather more information and resolve the complaint.

Potential safety violations and other non-emergency situations can be called in to the Safety/Security Office, or can be sent via intercampus mail on the Safety Advisory Report form.

In an emergency situation, Security should be called immediately at (914) 654-5204.

If an officer is dispatched to an incident, it is his/her job to file a report. If an incident occurs and Security is not called, a report should be filed by the complainant at the Safety/Security Office within 48 hours of the occurrence. This is important because, without proper documentation, it is impossible for College officials to follow up on a complaint. This makes the entire College Community vulnerable to repeated incidents.

When calling Security in an emergency situation, please provide the following information:

  • Location
  • Nature of the emergency
  • Name


Use the guidelines below when describing a suspicious person to Security:

  • Male or Female 
  • Race
  • Complexion (fair, medium, dark)
  • Hair color and style, facial hair
  • Eye color, glasses or sunglasses
  • Approximate age
  • height, weight, build
  • Marks, scars, or tattoos
  • Description of clothing
  • Carrying anything
  • Any other details recalled 

If a vehicle is involved in an incident, try to get the following information and relay it to Security:

  • Color
  • License plate number and state
  • Make and model, year
  • Type (2-door, 4-door, minivan, wagon, etc.)
  • Exterior damage
  • Bumper stickers or other decoration
  • CNR parking tag

Dialing 911
On occasion, an incident may arise that requires immediate response by the police department or ambulance services.  For these circumstances the College's telephone system allows direct dialing to 911 from any campus phone.  When dialing 911, it is not necessary to dial "8" for an outside line.  The 911 call will go directly to the New Rochelle Police Department. 

At the same time, our Enhanced 911 system (E911) in the Security Office will indicate that a 911 call has been placed and will provide the Switchboard with the extension number and location from which it was made.  Security will respond by calling back the extension to determine the nature of the problem while, at the same time, an officer responds to the area in question.

Note:  If you dial 911 in error, do not hang up!  Let the NRPD dispatcher know that the call was a mistake, and contact Security at (914) 654-5204 as soon as possible to notify them as well.