Phase Five: The Goals Conference
In Phase Five, the Goals Conference, the Strategic Planning Task Force entered its final stage of the yearlong process begun in April 2012. Member came together for a daylong meeting to begin defining and developing the implementation strategies that will permit us to achieve our goals.  

At this time, through the entire data gathering, sense-making process that informed the Concept Papers, members were ready to craft the implementation plan. The SPTF created an expansive and all-encompassing plan that will reflect directly the work from the entire previous year.

The implementation plan will define four to five strategic priorities that the College should address to remain a successful presence in higher education over the next five to ten years. As such, after a day of interactive engagement, the SPTF members generated the Implementation Plan to present to the College’s cabinet members. In keeping with the transparent and inclusive nature of this strategic planning process, the Implementation Plan is available to College community members via the College's intranet for review and comment.