Phase Four: The Vision Conference
Phase Four, The Vision Conference, held on March 22, 2013, was both a celebratory and historic moment in The College of New Rochelle's history. Bringing together the SPTF members with internal and external stakeholders, they formed a team to create a unified vision of what the College's future will be. The Vision Conference accomplished three processes to lead the SPTF into the final Fifth Phase.

In Stage One of the Vision Conference, the entire group engaged in interactive activities that allowed for sharing perceptions, ideas, thoughts and impressions of the College and external/societal trends.  Together, the group came to an awareness of the primary issues that impact the College. They delineated what is the "preferred" future for the College. The Concept papers were featured here, as the direct evidentiary support of the dominant strategic themes identified by the SPTF members.  Through the Collaborative Teaching design, we developed a strategic perspective of the College's future.

In Stage Two of the Vision Conference, each stakeholder group developed specific institutional strategic perspectives and considered how they will inform goals and outcomes from the strategic planning process. Goals were discussed, evaluated, and appraised in light of our stakeholders' future vision.  This process rests upon the Concept Papers which would be developed further and condensed to include the 'preferred future' of the College as agreed upon throughout the day.

The Vision Conference was a momentous occasion for The College of New Rochelle. It indicated the commitment, in each of its activities and discussions, to the transparent and inclusive essence of the strategic planning process that has been undertaken. Once the Vision Conference was completed, it became the responsibility of the SPTF members to define, develop and cultivate a new vision statement for the College.

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