Vehicle Reservations
The Security Office coordinates reservations for the three College vehicles.  These vehicles - a 15-passenger van, 7 passenger Explorer, and 5-passenger Edge - are available to members of the College community who complete the following steps:  

Read The Campus Transportation  Policies
These policies explain who is eligible to drive which vehicles, how to complete the necessary paperwork, and procedures to follow while using the vehicles.  To view/print this document, click here.

Become A Designated Driver
All drivers must be cleared through the College's insurance company before they can use the vehicles. To do this, you must submit a copy of your driving record - obtained from DMV - and of your driver's license to the Security Office.  There is a delay of 2 - 3 weeks while the insurance company processes the request.

Submit The Vehicle Reservation Form
After you have been cleared as a designated driver, you can submit a request to reserve one of the vehicles.  The request can only be submitted during Office Hours, and is not approved until you receive written or verbal confirmation.  To print the form from your computer, click here.

Pick Up The Vehicle
On the day of your trip, pick up the keys and mileage slip from the Security Office at the time designated on your reservation form.  At this time, you will also submit a finalized passenger list.  You will pick up the vehicle from the small parking lot behind Rogick.

Return The Vehicle
Upon returning to campus, you must check the vehicle in at the Security Booth. At this time, all passengers must exit the vehicle so that the Security Officer can check the interior and exterior.  It is then your responsibility to park the vehicle behind Rogick and return the keys and mileage slip to the Booth.

Important Safety Notice Regarding The 15-Passenger Van:

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 15-passenger vans have a high rollover risk when fully loaded, and should be operated only by experienced drivers.  When fully loaded, a large van's center of gravity shifts up and to the back, increasing the risk of rollovers, especially in panic maneuvers by drivers.

The following steps should be taken to reduce rollover risk:

  • Passengers should fill front seats first

  • Nothing should ever be loaded on the roof

  • Passengers should remain seated during travel

  • Drive conservatively - Avoid sharp turns, excessive speed and abrupt maneuvers