Learning Resource Center for Nursing

The Learning Resource Center for Nursing (LRCN) is a multi-resource facility for the School of Nursing students and faculty.  The two main nursing laboratories are designed for the teaching and reinforcement of evidence-based basic and advanced nursing skills development. Simulating a hospital setting, one laboratory contains client care units equipped with hospital beds and hospital furniture, with wall mounted assessment equipment. To facilitate learning in primary care practice settings, and to complement clinical experiences in healthcare facilities, there is a laboratory equipped with examination tables along with appropriate equipment. Multiple mannequins, models, and simulators  facilitate learning and allow for realistic practice of a wide array of skills requiring critical thinking.

A simulation room with computerized interactive manikins and hospital equipment facilitates learning in a safe hospital environment for adult and pediatric care.  A separate fully equipped intensive care unit and a delivery suite with manikins prepare the CNR nurse for safe and appropriate practice. In addition, a home care suite simulates client care in the community with tele-nursing and accommodates a holistic space to add to the mind-body spirit connection needed in nursing practice today. Extra help is available to students through tutoring, both peer tutors and Registered Nurses (RNs). Evening and weekend hours continue throughout the semester.

Two multimedia rooms contain computers for individual or group learning.  The media library offers a large assortment of updated nursing titles in addition to nursing software in every computer, plus a small nursing library, all for both classroom use and supplementary learning.  The LRCN collection includes two sets of streaming videos on Health Assessment that are available to all nursing students on campus and at home via the CNR website.