Art Therapy Admission Requirements
Art therapy students are expected to be artists actively involved in their creative development. A vital component of the program, therefore, is an emphasis on studio art and the integration of theoretical material covered in the other components of their training with the studio art experience. Two optional specializations in studio art/art therapy are available to students: photography/phototherapy and sculpture/art therapy. Studio course work in many other areas is also offered. Optional specializations in Child Art Therapy and Art Therapy and Thanatology allow students to hone their skills in those fields.

  1. Bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university, cumulative index of B (3.0) in the major field and B (3.0) overall (undergraduate majors in studio art, art education, art and psychology, etc. are encouraged to apply);
  2. 18 semester credits in studio art, such as drawing, figure drawing, two- and three-dimentsional design, painting, sculpture, ceramics, etc.;
  3. 12 semester credits in psychology: introduction to or general psychology, developmental, abnormal, and personality;
  4. Paid or volunteer experience in a clinical setting with special populations, preferably using art.

No more than three (3) credits in prerequisite deficiencies are allowed. they must be completed by the end of the first year of enrollment in the program. The course may be completed on campus, through a special arrangement with the one of CNR's undergraduate schools or off campus at any accredited college orĀ  university.