Graduate Nursing Program FAQs
How long will the program take me to finish?

The program is designed for a working nurse professional to take 1-2 classes maximum per semester and typically takes about 3 years to complete
Where are the clinicals held? Do I need to find my own?

Depending on which program you are enrolled in the clinical placements may vary and the professor will discuss your options with you. The College of New Rochelle is responsible for your clinical placements throughout your program. 
How much does it cost?

The program currently costs $896 per credit. For financial aid or payment plan options please contact the office of financial aid
When are the classes held?

The master's nursing courses are offered once a week, and your clinicals will vary and will be worked into your program plan
How many credits can I transfer into the program?

You can transfer up to 6 master's credits into the program. Transferable credits are subject to professors evaluation and are specific to each program
Are the clinical hours separate from my job hours?

Yes, you will set up your clinical hours differently from regular work shifts and must be another location or floor of a hospital.
What is an exemplar essay?

The application process requires two essays for the master's nursing program; an exemplar essay and a goals essay. The exemplar essay asks you to give an example from your practice of an experience you had with a patient or a case you worked on that inspired you to move forward with the master's track of choice.
Can I send the recommendations without the form?

No, the School of Nursing requires a specific recommendation form required from your nurse educator or nurse manager. For a copy of the form please click on documents under the admissions/application tab
Do I need to have all the documents submitted before I apply?

No, you can apply right online and then submit the remaining required documents in pieces. Once your application is complete, you will be contacted by the School of Nursing for an interview to determine your acceptance. 
Can I take classes over the summer?

Yes, there are some graduate nursing courses offered over the summer, but may vary dependent on the specific track you are applying for. 
Cant find the answer to what you are looking for?
Please contact the Office of Admissions at (914) 654-5452 or you can email the Director of Admissions, Lindsay Wolfer at