For admission purposes, you are a transfer student if you have registered and earned credit at a college or university after graduating from high school.

In general, all courses completed with grades of C+ or better and similar to those offered at CNR will be considered for transfer.

  • Credits from nursing courses with clinical components taken at other schools are not transferable.
  • The School of Nursing will transfer up to 61 credit hours of applicable courses.
  • Transfer credit is entered on the official college transcript. Grades received for transfer courses are not shown, nor are they included in the calculation of cumulative GPA at CNR.
  • The candidate must also be in good standing at the institution in which he or she is currently or was most recently enrolled.
  • Transfer students may be required to take the placement examinations in writing and reading.

What is the TEASV test?

The TEAS Exam V (Version Five) is now required as part of the Admission Criteria for Transfer Students applying to the Bachelor's Degree of Science in Nursing program. This test includes 170 multiple choice questions in the following areas:Science, Mathematics, Reading, and English. It is a timed exam that may take up to four hours to complete. You can prepare for the TEAS V Exam by reviewing study tools at the following website:

Register for the exam and view locations of testing centers in you rarea by logging into or calling ATI (Assessment Technologies Institute)at 1-800-667-7531. The cost may vary per testing center.

Scores may be emailed from the ATI website to Proficient level or above is considered a passing score.

College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) Guidelines

CNR allows a maximum of 15 credits toward the degree only for entering students who have successfully passed examinations in the College-Level Examination Program (sponsored by the Educational Testing Service). For CLEP Subject Examinations, the recommendations of the Council on College-Level Examinations will be followed in making this determination.

Offers of admission are conditional, pending receipt of all official records showing successful completion of academic work in progress.