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Apply Online - You may apply using our online application or the Common Application.There is no fee for online applications.

Follow the directions, hit submit, and we will have your application. 

Download Printable Application -  If you prefer to do a paper application, this link will take you to our paper application. Please complete in its entirety and drop in the mail.

Request Information - If you want more information before completing the application, just fill in the information requested, and we will send more information in the mail.

College Board - If you have less than 24 college credit hours, you will need to submit your SAT or ACT.  This link will take you to the College Board site where you can request to have your SAT scores sent to us.

ACT - This link takes you to the ACT site where you can request to have your ACT scores sent to us.  

TOEFEL - This link takes you to the TOEFEL site where you can request your TOEFEL scores be sent to us.  If you are an international student, CNR requires your TOEFEL scores for your application to be complete.

FAFSA - This link takes you to the Free Application For Student Aid.  All students are encouraged to complete the FAFSA application and request that it be sent to CNR.  Our college code is 002704.  CNR has numerous grants and merit awards for students.  In order to determine eligibility, the FAFSA is required.  You have nothing to lose but money – so, take a few minutes and complete the form.