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Master of Art Degree in Art Education Leading to Initial Certification (Pre-K-12)

Master of Art Degree in Art Education Leading to
Initial Certification (Pre-K-12) – 36 credits

Admissions Requirements
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Admission to Candidacy
Students will be reviewed for candidacy after the completion of twelve credits. Candidates must have a cumulative index of no lower than 3.0 (B), and must be judged suitable for continuation in the program by the faculty and Associate Dean. Students not accepted for candidacy may be asked to withdraw from the program. A passing score on the NYSTCE LAST exam is also required for admission to candidacy in the Art Education, Initial Certification program.

Licensure/Certification Requirements
Graduation Requirements for M.A. in Art Education Leading to Initial Certification
36 credits of graduate study as follows:
AED 521 History and Philosophy of Art Education 3 cr.
AED 522 Elementary Art Methods: Pre-K-6 3 cr.
AED 523 Secondary Art Methods: 7 – 12 3 cr.
AED 525 Student Teaching in Art: Pre-K-12 6 cr.
AHS 582 History of Contemporary Art 3 cr.
AED 601 Multicultural Art for Art Teachers 3 cr.
AED 602 Art for Special Needs 3 cr.
AED 603 Computer Graphics and Technology in the Art Classroom 3 cr.
AED 651 Research Methodology for Art Education 3 cr.
Studio Art Elective 3 cr.
Studio Art Elective 3 cr.
Certification Workshop series: Fire/Arson, School violence prevention, Child Abuse, Substance Abuse, and Health & Safety Workshops 0 cr.
Minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0;

Although not required for graduation, fingerprinting and passing scores on the NYSTCE LAST, the ATS-W, and the CST (Visual Arts Content Speciality Test) are required for New York State certification;
Evidence of having completed the five (5) New York State workshops;
Completion of all degree requirements within five (5) years from the date of matriculation.

Teacher Certification Seminars & Workshops
New York State Department of Education requires all students who are applying for Initial Certification to have completed five seminars on the following topics:
Child Abuse Prevention Workshop
Substance Abuse Prevention & Awareness Workshop
Health & Safety Issues with Fire Safety Workshop
Health & Safety Issues with Fire Safety Workshop
Child Abduction Prevention Workshop.
The workshops are given by the Graduate School in the Fall and Spring semesters. Students sign up to attend the workshop(s) in the Education Division office. A student must be registered for graduate credit during the semester in which he/she takes the workshop(s).

Student Teaching Orientation
Students choosing the Initial Certification program must attend Orientation to Student Teaching before identifying student teaching placements. Contact Program Advisor for time and place. Student teaching may be waived upon verification of 40 days of full-time paid satisfactory art teaching experience in a public or private school. Students who qualify for the waiver must take 6 alternate credits selected with advisement from Art Education elective courses.

Certification Exams
During the first year of the program, and prior to enrolling in AED 525 Student Teaching in Art Pre-K-12, students must provide evidence of having passed the LAST exam. Passing the ATS-W and the Content Speciality Exams are requirements for certification.

For descriptions of courses, please download the Graduate School Catalog.