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Childhood Education (Grades 1-6) Leading to Initial/Professional Certification 

Childhood Education (Grades 1-6) Leading to Initial/Professional Certification– 39 credits

Admissions Requirements
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Admission to Candidacy
Students will be reviewed for candidacy after the completion of twelve credits. Students will need to have passed the LAST examination and completed all undergraduate liberal arts deficiencies, where applicable, before being admitted to candidacy. Please see general candidacy guidelines at the beginning of the catalog. A student who has not been admitted to Candidacy will not be permitted to enroll in Student Teaching or Practicum

Degree Requirements
Performance expectations for candidates are based on the New York State Teacher Education Standards and on the New York State Learning Standards. In addition, course objectives reflect the standards established by the professional organization for each educational discipline. Acquisition of knowledge, skills, and dispositions are assessed through exams, demonstrations, papers, products, self and peer reflections, and through observations of field-based experiences.

Performance benchmarks assure that candidates maintain high academic and professional standards. After the completion of 12 credits, a favorable review of student performance and suitability for the field results in admission to candidacy. The final benchmarks include satisfactory completion of all coursework, a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 (B), field experiences, student teaching (if required), and/or practicum.

Required Courses– 39 credits
EDU 512 Foundations of Education 3 cr.
EDU 550 Child Development 3 cr.
EDU 551 Cognition and Instruction 3 cr.
EDU 519 Creative Arts for Teaching and Learning 3 cr.

Core Courses
LIT 511 Teaching Writing in the Elementary Grades 3 cr.
LIT 502 Teaching Reading Comprehension 3 cr.
LIT 503 Using Literature in the Classroom 3 cr.
EDU 513 Math, Science, and Technology in the Classroom 3 cr.
EDU 514 Community as Curriculum: A Multicultural Perspective 3 cr.
EDU 515 Differentiated Instruction in the Learning Environment 3 cr.
GED 549 Introduction to Talent Development 3 cr.
GED 701 Curriculum Development for Enriched Teaching and Learning 3 cr.
EDU 750 Action Research in Schools Workshop Certification Series 3 cr.

Student Teaching
EDU 321 Student Teaching 3 cr.
EDU 912 Practicum in Academic Enrichment 3 cr.

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