Graduate School Programs of Study

The Graduate School offers 24 masters degree programs and 12 certificate programs across our three academic divisions: Art & Communication Studies, Education, and Human Services.  All of our programs strive to create highly qualified and well recognized professionals in their fields. In keeping with the college’s mission, the Graduate School “tries to respond to the needs of society through its educational programs and service activities and through fostering the concept of education for service”.  Our students embody the best of humanity by taking the knowledge and training they learn in the classrooms at CNR and making the world a better place.  Our graduates are teachers, principals, counselors , therapists, gerontologists, administrators, artists, writers, and communication specialists.  They are good citizens of the world doing good work for others.

Today the Graduate School is home to nearly 700 students at the main campus in New Rochelle and another 200 at our off campus programs in Teacher’s Centers and school districts throughout Westchester, Rockland, and Nassau Counties, and New York City.   Our flexible evening, weekend, and summer course schedules make it possible for our students to manage work and family responsibilities while pursuing their graduate education.   Students can choose to attend their chosen program of study on a full-time or part-time basis.

The entire educational effort of the Graduate School is supported by exceptional resources.  First and foremost, a knowledgeable and caring faculty made up of 23 full-time members and 80 part-time members, and secondly by a student centered friendly administrative professional and support staff.  The combined efforts of this team of faculty and administrators strive to provide an education of exceptional quality. Our students are challenged and supported daily in the classroom to become a CNR professional.