Master’s Degree in Public Administration
MediaLibrary#5668The master’s degree in public administration will prepare you for a professional career in public service.  You will gain the essential knowledge and skills necessary to lead and manage public and not-for-profit agencies.  The multidisciplinary curriculum covers topics of management and leadership, organization, public policy, communication, human resources, finance, and program evaluation.  This program provides the theoretical background, practical experience and training to enter the field of public service at the management level.

The College of New Rochelle offers two options for master's degrees in public administration:

  • Master's in Public Administration (M.P.A.) -- 36 Credits
  • Master's in Public Administration (M.P.A.)with a concentration in Long Term Care Administration -- 42 Credits
Flexible Schedule

Attend year-round! The College of New Rochelle offers fall, spring, and three summer sessions, which will allow you to earn your degree in less than two years.

Degree Requirements

The Program requires completion of the following 3 credit courses:

 PAD 501  Introduction to Public Administration 
 PAD 601  Management of Non-Profit and Public Agencies
 PAD 602  Public Policy
 PAD 604  Human Resource Management
 PAD 606  Legal and Ethical Aspects of Public Administration
 PAD 608  Finance and Economic Policy
 PAD 623  Non-profit Communication and Fund Raising
 PAD 624  Business and Professional Presentations
 PAD 630  Public Relations Campaigns and Strategies for Non-Profits
 PAD 640  Leadership and Team Building
 PAD 701  Program Evaluation
 PAD 710  Internship in Public Administration
   Plus a Comprehensive Exam

Admission Requirements

  • A minimum Grade Point Average of 3.0 or “B” in baccalaureate or other graduate level work (overall GPA and major field)
  • Completed application
  • A personal statement discussing one’s reason for choosing the program and along with your professional goals
  • Two letters of recommendation from references who can speak to your ability to complete graduate work
  • Official transcripts of all colleges/universities attended
  • Proof of immunizations for measles, mumps, and rubella

For more information, please call (914) 654-5309 or
e-mail the Director of Graduate Admission at