School Psychology

Master of Science Degree in School Psychology Leading to provisional Certification

Advanced Certificate in Multilingual/Multicultural Education Leading to a Bilingual Extension of a Current Certificate

The Program in School Psychology is guided by the College’s mission statement of educating students for service which is in turn influenced by the College’s historic commitment to justice in society. Academic offerings emphasize the role of human behavior and development within a humanistic/multicultural framework.

Successful completion of the program leads to a Master of Science Degree and New York State Certification as a school psychologist which enables students to work as psychologists in the schools.

Educational Objectives and Curriculum
Courses are organized sequentially with core/theory courses preceding skill development courses, and field application experiences. Educational objectives for the program are incorporated into course syllabi. Program objectives include:
• Knowledge of public school organization and the role of the school psychologist in multicultural settings;
• Knowledge of child growth and development, behavior management, theoretical approaches to assessment and counseling, legal and ethical guidelines;
• Skill in diagnosis and assessment of behavior and learning in multicultural contexts;
• Skill in consultation and collaboration with teachers, parents and other professionals in multicultural contexts;
• Expertise in individual and group counseling with multicultural populations;
• Skill in research and evaluation;
• Commitment to professional growth and development.

Division Office: Chidwick 105, 914-654-5561,
Director of Human Services Programs: Wendi Vescio, Chidwick 105