'Debris Field' Opens at Castle Gallery


Seventeen artists repurposing everyday objects into works imbued with beauty, thoughtfulness, and even humor are featured in the show "Debris Field," which opens at the Castle Gallery, which opened Tuesday, September 3, and runs through November 3.

"Trash, whether saved from our own wastebaskets or salvaged from the street, comes laden with guilty associations and questionable provenance," said exhibit curator Lisa Dahl. "Yet, the very familiarity of these materials can provide us with a deeper understanding into their creative repurposing." The transformation of the practical into the sublime, she said, is "laced with a desire to change the status quo of how we perceive the products deemed disposable in our lives."

Michael Anderson creates collages using street posters from cities around the world. Fragments from thousands of posters are reassembled in a painterly fashion, the images, Anderson says, "develop non-linear narratives that capture the experience of contemporary life with dark humor."

"Devotional Practices," a 2011 piece by Ghost of a Dream, a collaboration of artists Lauren Was and Adam Eckstrom, turns discarded lottery tickets into what looks like a prayer rug.

Derick Melander creates large geometric configurations out of carefully folded and stacked second-hand clothing, some taking the form of columns and walls and weighing up to two tons.

"As the layers of clothing accumulate, the individual garments are compressed into a single mass, a symbolic gesture that explores the conflicted space between society and the individual, between the self and the outside world," Melander says.

Artists taking part in the show are:

  • Michael Anderson
  • Scott Andresen
  • Lisa Dahl
  • Ghost of a Dream
  • Ruth Hardinger
  • Jack Henry
  • Gregg Hill
  • Sara Hubbs
  • Vandana Jain
  • Hong Seon Jang
  • Nathaniel Lieb
  • Derick Melander
  • Shari Mendelson
  • Jimmy Miracle
  • Tattfoo Tan
  • Ian Trask   
There will be an opening reception at the Mooney Center Gallery from 12 to 4 p.m. on Sunday, September 29, part of the New Rochelle Arts Fest, organized by the New Rochelle Council on the Arts. The event will also serve as the opening reception for the Mooney Center Gallery show Sequence of Bases.

For more information, visit the Castle Gallery website.

(Photo: "Geographic Wave," by Hong Seon Jang.)