Bishop Gyamfi of Ghana Visits CNR to Thank President Huntington and School of Nursing for Helping to Improve Nursing College in Ghana


The College of New Rochelle recently hosted a reception for Bishop Matthew Kwasi Gyamfi of Ghana who visited the campus to thank President Judith A. Huntington and CNR’s School of Nursing for helping to improve the curriculum of a nursing college in his diocese in Ghana.

In August, Dr. Lynda Shand, Coordinator of the Nursing Education Master's Program track and Susan Allen, Director of Operations and a certified Nurse Midwife, traveled to Berekum, Ghana where they visited the Holy Family Nursing and Midwifery Training College. The purpose of the trip was to review the curriculum of the nursing school according to U.S. nursing education standards. CNR’s nursing faculty also met with the National Accreditation Board that oversees the accreditation of tertiary institutions in Ghana including Holy Family Nursing & Midwifery Training College.

As a result of the trip to Ghana, CNR is exploring the possibility of expanding the relationship between the two schools. One program would provide the faculty in Ghana with advanced level courses in nursing education and curriculum development and/or a Master's degree in Nursing Education. Another potential program would provide CNR’s RN-BSN program to students from the nursing school in Ghana either online and/or through an exchange program.  

CNR’s relationship with the nursing school in Ghana began in February when the Giving to Ghana Foundation, on behalf of the Holy Family Nursing & Midwifery Training College, approached the College with a request to send a team of faculty to the school in Ghana.

Bishop Gyamfi thanked President Huntington and The College of New Rochelle’s School of Nursing for having shared with the school in Ghana the knowledge and experience of CNR’s faculty members, and he looked forward to working with CNR.

Speaking at the reception held September 19, President Huntington said of Bishop Gyamfi, "You give us a great gift tonight. You remind us that we're part of a larger human family, so thank you for the gift to The College of New Rochelle."

Recalling her experience in Ghana, Susan Allen said, "I came from Ghana renewed with such an excitement about my profession, both as a nurse and a midwife. And for that it was a truly amazing experience. I look forward to the real work ahead of creating an affiliation in a way that both institutions will benefit."

(Photo: From left, Dennis Lynch, president of the Giving to Ghana Foundation; Susan Allen; President Judith A. Huntington; Bishop Matthew Kwasi Gyamfi; and Dennis Kenny, chairman of the Giving to Ghana Foundation.)