Honorary Degrees Conferred at CNR Academic Convocation

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The College of New Rochelle Academic Convocation, held on October 12, 2012, conferred honorary degrees upon Theodore Cardinal McCarrick and Elza Dinwiddie-Boyd, and awarded the Sister Dorothy Ann Kelly Woman of Conscience Award to Mother Cecelia Wang.

The honorees reflect the significant impact Sr. Dorothy Ann had made not only on CNR and the local community, but also within the national and international arenas.

Mother Cecelia Wang, Prioress General of the Ursulines of the Roman Union, is truly a global leader in education and social justice work. Throughout her tenure as an Ursuline sister, Mother Cecelia has made access to education for marginalized groups, a focal point of her work. Emphasizing Christian values, Mother Cecelia has mentored countless students and her fellow Ursuline sisters with genuine self-giving and vivacity: two of the many gifts that she shares in common with Sr. Dorothy Ann.

Theodore Cardinal McCarrick, Archbishop Emeritus of Washington, D.C., began his work, like Sr. Dorothy Ann, in New York. In fact, he shares many biographical characteristics with Sr. Dorothy Ann, as an alumnus of The Catholic University of America and himself the past president of a Catholic institution, The Catholic University of Puerto Rico. Sharing also Sr. Dorothy Ann’s moral convictions, Cardinal McCarrick is a long-time advocate
for human rights and often emphasizes the importance of civic engagement. His inspirational leadership in the world of Catholic Higher Education is renowned and has been recognized on numerous occasions.

Closest to home, we highlight the service of Elza Dinwiddie-Boyd, who dedicated more than 30 years to making Sr. Dorothy Ann’s vision of access to education a reality in the School of New Resources at The College of New Rochelle. Elza particularly revolutionized the field of adult education, continuously promoting and developing the New Resources’ model of student-centered adult education. And, like Sr. Dorothy Ann, she has provided visionary leadership to the entire College Community throughout her tenure as Dean of the School of New Resources. Her influence will not soon be forgotten.