Nursing Schools Try Unique Solutions to Answer Faculty Shortages


At The College of New Rochelle (N.Y.) School of Nursing, Dean Mary Alice Donius, RN, EdD, BSN, said succession planning is critical.

"We spend a lot of time developing our adjunct pool," Donius said. "We’ve been fortunate that when we do have turnover, we can usually fill with adjunct faculty. They know our students. They know the mission of the school. We know their practice standards are congruent with our expectations." She said the school replaces one of its 18 faculty spots each year.

One thing nursing schools might need to consider in the future is job sharing, Donius said. Currently, older faculty who may want to reduce hours typically choose between retiring or becoming an adjunct without full benefits. A job-sharing model in which two faculty members split a full-time position, but both retain benefits, "might allow someone who’s 60 to work until they’re 70, as opposed to retiring at 65," Donius said.

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