Attend Our Undergraduate Open House: Monday, Feb. 18


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Undergraduate Open House:
Monday, Feb. 18 at 12:00 p.m.

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Learn about our academic programs, student life, admissions process, special financial opportunities, hear from current CNR students, tour the campus, see the nursing labs, library, TV studio, student center, residence halls, and meet with faculty members.

The School of Arts & Sciences offers a unique environment where women can learn in an atmosphere of intellectual challenge and support. Undergraduate programs in the traditional disciplines of the liberal arts and sciences and a number of professional oriented fields are offered to students. The School of Arts and Sciences constantly reaffirms the value of a women’s college as a place where women can live, work, and study together in an atmosphere designed to support their personal and professional goals.

The School of Nursing, for men as well as women, provides programs of academic excellence that will prepare them to provide service to society. The undergraduate program is based on a strong foundation of liberal arts and sciences and professional studies.  The program provides a foundation for ongoing professional development and graduate study in nursing.

If you can't attend this Open House but would like to take a tour at another time, click here.

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