Nursing & Health Care Management
Become an expert in designing and implementing cost-effective care in our diverse and multicultural society in a program that addresses the unique managerials needs of today's health care delivery system.

Career Opportunities:
  • Chief Nursing Officer
  • Director of Nursing Services
  • Patient Care Coordinator
  • Quality Assurance Nurse
In a addition to this Master's degree, we offer a Post Master's Certificate in Nursing and Health Care Management.

Program Plan: Nursing and Health Care Management
Common Core Courses
NUR 636 Perspectives in Health Care Management 3 cr.
NUR 638 Advanced Role Development in Transformative Nursing 3 cr.
NUR 639 Theoretical Foundation for Advanced Nursing Practice 3 cr.
NUR 632 Design and Methodology for Nursing Research 3 cr.

Specialty Core Courses
NUR 642 Fundamentals of Management 3 cr.
NUR 643 Operations Management 3 cr.
NUR 644 Budgeting and Financial Accounting 3 cr.
NUR 645 Marketing Management 2 cr.
NUR 646 Management of Human Resources 3 cr.
NUR 647 Management of Information Systems 2 cr.
NUR 648 Health Care Ethics, Law, and Policy 2 cr.
NUR 649 Management of Communications 2 cr.

Practicum Course
NUR 750 Role Practicum in Nursing and Health Care Management 3 cr. / 135 clin. hrs.

                135 PRACTICUM HOURS