Post Master's Certificate Programs

The College of New Rochelle School of Nursing offers two Post-Master’s Certificate Programs:

  • Family Nurse Practitioner 
  • Holistic Nursing for Advanced Practice Nurses 

Admission Requirements

For more information regarding Admission requirements for the Post-Master’s Certificate Program, click here.

Program Requirements

Students wishing clarification of requirements should consult the Admissions Office. Curriculum changes deemed necessary by the faculty may occur as a result of regular program review and revision.

Program of Courses

Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) Post Master’s Certificate Program
The FNP Post-Master’s Certificate Program prepares Family Nurse Practitioners. This option is designed for professional nurses who hold a clinically focused Master’s of Science degree in Nursing with an emphasis on advanced practice knowledge and skills in a specialty population. The Nurse Practitioner certificate is 23 credit hours and 585 clinical hours.

Gainful Employment Reporting

Family Nurse Practitioner: Post-Master’s Program Plan:
   NUR 743  Advanced Pharmacology I (2 credits)
   NUR 744  Advanced Pharmacology II (2 credits)
   NUR 747  Advanced Health Assessment and Pattern Appraisal (4 credits/140 clin. hrs.)
   NUR 731  Clinical Practicum I: Family Nurse Practitioner (5 credits/190 clin. hrs.)
   NUR 732  Clinical Practicum II: Family Nurse Practitioner (5 credits/195 clin. hrs.)
   NUR 733  Clinical Practicum III: Family Nurse Practitioner (5 credits/200 clin. hrs.)

Holistic Nursing for Advanced Practice Nurses Post Master’s Certificate Program
The Post-Master’s Certificate for Holistic Nursing provides an opportunity for additional specialization. Registered Nurses who hold a Master’s degree in nursing may complete graduate work in holistic nursing. This option provides field knowledge and expertise in the advanced practice role of the Master’s prepared nurse. The certificate consists of theory, seminar and practica experiences. The Holistic Nursing certificate is 14 credit hours and 300 clinical hours.

Holistic Nursing for Advanced Practice Nurses, Post Master’s Program Plan:
   NUR 745  Naturalistic and Holistic Therapeutics I (2 credits)
   NUR 746  Naturalistic and Holistic Therapeutics II (2 credits)
   NUR 754  Clinical Practicum II: Holistic Clinical Nurse Specialist (5 credits/150 clin. hrs.)
   NUR 755  Clinical Practicum III: Holistic Clinical Nurse Specialist (5 credits/150 clin. hrs.)

Residency Requirements

Once admitted to the Post-Master’s Certificate Program, students must complete all required course work at The College of New Rochelle School of Nursing.  There are no exceptions.

All students must maintain a 3.0 GPA in order to progress to the clinical course sequence.