Bachelor of Science in Nursing for Registered Nurses
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The RN-BSN program is your access to climb the career ladder.

An earned BSN provides diverse opportunities for strengthening professional practice and serves as the foundationfor advanced practice study. The School of Nursing encourages personal and professional growth within a caring atmosphere.



  • Your RN license validates 36 credits for transfer
  • Two online courses available as part of the program
  • Up to 90 credits can be transferred from other college work
  • All required liberal arts course grades must be a C+ or above to receive transfer credit
  • Flexible scheduling is planned with the working nurse in mind
  • Classes meet only once per week
  • A personal progression plan through the curriculum is developed with your advisor
  • Clinical experiences in the community are planned around your interests
  • You will learn from outstanding faculty with advanced degrees & clinical expertise
  • There are opportunities to earn credits toward an MS degree
Your Registered Nurse license validates 36 credits for transfer.

The following courses must be taken at CNR:

  • NUR 207/107 Health Assessment/Lab 3 cr.
  • NUR 208 Psychosocial Nursing 3 cr.
  • NUR 240 Professional Transitions 3 cr.
  • NUR 322 Transcultural Perspectives in Health Care 2 cr.
  • NUR 410 Introduction to Research 3 cr.
  • NUR 430 Leadership & Mgmt. for Professional Practice 2 cr.
  • NUR 440 Politics of Health Care 1 cr.
  • NUR 443 Community Health Nursing 4 cr.
  • NUR 444 Synthesis: Community Health Nursing 4 cr.
Required courses, credits for which students can transfer into CNR:

I. Scientific Foundation Credits

  • BIO 110 Concepts in Biology 3 cr.*
  • BIO 125/125L Anatomy & Physiology I 3.5 cr.**
  • BIO 126/126 L Anatomy & Physiology II 3.5 cr.**
  • BIO 207/207L Microbiology 3 cr.**
  • CHM116/116L General Chemistry 4 cr.**
II. Human & Social Analysis Credits

  • PSY 110 General Psychology 3 cr.**
  • PSY 243 Developmental Psychology 3 cr.**
  • SOC 110 Introductory Sociology 3 cr.**
  • Business or Economics or Political Science course 3 cr.
*BIO 110 not required if the transfer credits were awarded for both BIO 125 & 126. BIO 110 credits can be replaced with elective credits.
**CLEP or Excelsior Challenge Exams are available for these credits.

III. Communication Arts Credits

  • WRT 101 Writers Workshop (English Composition I) 3 cr.
  • WRT 102 Critical Research Essay (English Composition II) 3 cr.
IV. Logical Thinking Credits

  • BUS 105 Computer Applications 3 cr.
  • MTH 109 College Mathematics 3 cr.
  • MTH 117 or Elementary Statistics or
  • PSY 230 Psychological Statistics 3 cr.
V. Elective Humanities

  • 15 credits, with no more than 3 credits in any one area, such as Fine Art, History, Religion, Classics, Philosophy, Foreign Language, or Literature.
A total of 30 credits in residency must be completed at CNR. A grade of C+ is the minimum for transferring courses into CNR.