Bachelor of Science in Nursing for Transfer Students
The College of New Rochelle School of Nursing accepts transfer applications from students who attend either two- or four-year colleges or universities and have a minimum of 24 credits. The candidate must be in good standing at the institution in which he/she is currently or was most recently enrolled.

Admission Requirements

For more information regarding Admission requirements for transfer students, click here.

Program Requirements

The following are the undergraduate course requirements for transfer students. Transfer students may transfer liberal arts and science courses or enroll in the School of Nursing to complete liberal arts and science courses at The College of New Rochelle. Students wishing clarification of requirements should consult the Admissions Office.

Curriculum changes deemed necessary by the faculty may occur as a result of regular program review and revision.

Liberal Arts and Sciences Requirements (Credits)
   Concepts in Biology 3 cr.
   Anatomy & Physiology I/II 7 cr.
   Microbiology 3 cr.
   General Chemistry 4 cr.
   College Algebra 3 cr.
   Statistics 3 cr.
   Computer Applications 3 cr.
   Introduction to Sociology 3 cr.
   General Psychology 3 cr.
   Developmental Psychology 3 cr.
   Writing I/II 6 cr.
   Business, Economics, or Political Science 3 cr.
   Nutrition 2 cr.
   Electives 15 cr.
Professional Nursing Requirements (Credits)
   Foundations of Nursing Practice 5 cr.
   Pharmacology 3 cr.
   Health Assessment/Lab 3 cr.
   Psychosocial Nursing 3 cr.
   Transcultural Nursing 2 cr.
   Altered Physiology I/II 4 cr.
   Acute Health 7 cr.
   Parent/Child Nursing 8 cr.
   Chronic Health 7 cr.
   Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing 5 cr.
   Introduction to Research 3 cr.
   Politics of Health Care 1 cr.
   Community Health Nursing 4 cr.
   Transition to Professional Practice and Leadership 4 cr.

Residency Requirements

Once the student has been accepted to the School of Nursing, all courses for the BSN degree must be taken at The College of New Rochelle. Students also must complete four Physical Education courses.

Transfer Credits

Students may transfer course credit for all required liberal arts and science course with a grade of C+ or better. Students may transfer elective course credit with a grade of C- or better. Students may not transfer any required nursing courses.

If the student wishes to transfer credit from an international college or university, the transcript must be evaluated by the World Education Services.

College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) Guidelines

The College of New Rochelle allows a maximum of 15 credits toward the BSN degree only for entering students who have successfully passed examinations from CLEP.