General Science

The General Science track in the Interdisciplinary Studies Program combines the study of Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. This interdisciplinary major is designed to provide familiarity with and an understanding of science across disciplinary lines. It is primarily intended for students in Education seeking childhood (Grades 1-6) teacher certification. Other students seeking to complete this program must obtain the permission of the Chairperson of the Division of Natural Sciences.

The program prepares teachers who are able to accomplish the following:

  • produce science-literate citizens
  • give children an understanding of basic concepts in science and of the importance of science in daily life
  • integrate science with other subjects in the curriculum
  • develop students’ inquiry and problem-solving skills through the study of science

Biology is the focal area of study for students in this track. Students interested in New York State teacher certification are required to take 8 credits in General Biology, another 18 credits in upper-level Biology courses, 9 credits in Chemical Principles I and II, 8 credits in College Physics I and II and a one-credit interdisciplinary course in Chemistry or Physics, which includes an independent research project. The requirements in Biology should be selected to reflect the content of the science framework and new standards recommended by New York State.

In view of New York State’s new regulations for Teacher Certification, the General Science track and all other teacher education programs are subject to change.