Honors Projects: A Sampling


Alina Bachmann, '09
Studio Art

In fall, 2006, I completed an Honors contract entitled "The Best of Both Worlds: Merging Digital and Traditional Art." In it, I explored various ways to integrate digital and traditional media, and the technical and conceptual advantages in doing so. I discuss Andy Warhol's relationship to computer art and include an interview with artist Katrina Rhein, who exhibited at The College of New Rochelle in fall 2006. Also included are ways I have integrated digital media and techniques into my own artwork. To see the results, please go to: http://www.artiztic.net/honorscontract

MediaLibrary#924MediaLibrary#923 Maria Gonzalez, '05
Communication Arts

As a Communication Arts major specializing in graphic design, I'm always open to new design opportunities so that I may build my portfolio. In addition, I am a proud member of the Honors Program, so when I was asked to design a cover for the Fall 2003 issue of the CNR Honors magazine, Femmes d'Esprit, I readily agreed. My design received such positive feedback that I was asked to do the next cover as well!

Amy Perry, '05
Art Education


MediaLibrary#925Emily Williams, a fellow honors student, approached one fall about designing a new Phoenix logo. Phoenix is the school’s literary and arts magazine. She said that they had tried something with a feather the previous year, but it did not look very good. Emily told me she wanted something gestural and artistic and to stick to the feather if at all possible. I looked at the old Phoenix feathers and they seemed rather heavy, quite contradictory to the actual nature of a feather. I decided to stay with the feather, only making it light and airy as a feather should be. The logo is a feather and ink pot in place of the P in Phoenix. I wanted it to embody the ephemeral aspect of poetry, the graceful movements of a pen as it dances across a paper, and the sound a pen scratching a fresh page. The form of my feather is remarkably intentional, and the marks that compose it are light and thin, without being timid. The symbol is strong, but has a soft touch. It is memorable without being overwhelming. When designing the flyers for Phoenix, I tried to maintain the philosophy as much as possible. I tried to limit the amount of positive space, so it would feel light and airy. Too much text makes a document appear heavy.