An internship offers the student a valuable learning experience in a professional setting related to her area of study. She is offered this opportunity by the department when she has sufficient background and conceptual knowledge to function successfully in the field. The conditions for each field work placement and internship are established in advance by the student and her faculty instructor in consultation with her on-site supervisor at the beginning of the semester.
A student who undertakes an internship or field work placement must complete 45 hours of academic work for each credit, 30 of which are in the designated field setting, for each credit awarded. In addition, she is expected to have regular meetings with her faculty instructor and on-site supervisor, to participate in discussion sessions as required, and to submit appropriate reports.

Cooperative Education
Cooperative Education combines on-campus study with off-campus paid work experience. It is designed to help students relate academic learning to situations and problems in the world of work. In addition to course work, a student participating in a Cooperative Education experience will be employed for an average of 15-20 hours a week. Ordinarily the student will seek a placement which is related to her academic major. The student will receive three credits for her Cooperative Education experience and study and is paid at a rate comparable to that of other employees in the company.

Past internship and cooperative education placements have included the following organizations:

Arista Records

Bank of New York

Buena Vista Pictures

Catholic Charities

Fleet Bank

Fox 5 News

Guardian Records

Holiday Inn

Human Rights Watch

Madison Square Garden

Merrill Lynch

Mercy Center

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Moody's Investor Services

Museum of Natural History

My Sister's Place



New York Stock Exchange


Time, Inc.

The United Nations

Walt Disney World

Wildlife Conservation Society