Modern and Classical Languages
In an increasingly global and multicultural world, our Modern and Classical Languages Department offers students the opportunity to develop language and communication skills and to broaden their knowledge of other literatures and cultures, ancient as well as modern. Specializations within the department include:
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Classics
Students are encouraged to travel and study abroad for a year, a semester, or a summer and to travel to major European and Latin American locations. Trips are organized and led by faculty members during intersessions and vacations. Especially popular is the Bridging Cultures experience, a total immersion program in language and culture that can be used as a model for studying language and culture anywhere in the world.

Students are also encouraged to take internships, which offer opportunities to gain valuable experience in practical uses of language skills. Internships often open windows to careers in such fields as international business and trade, government, information interpretation, publishing, journalism, advertising, communication, finance, translating, teaching, law, and international organizations. Those interested in Classical Languages and Studies will find excellent opportunities in archeology and museum work.

The faculty of the Modern and Classical Languages Department consists of four full-time professors and is supplemented by adjuncts, who are experts in language teaching.

Language students who complete their requirement for the B.A. degree in a language may wish to pursue New York State Teacher Certification to teach on the high school or middle school levels.