Psychology Requirements
The major in Psychology, which results in a B.A. degree, requires a minimum of 34 credits with
a maximum of 41 credits in an academic program developed in consultation with a faculty advisor and including the following required courses:
PSY 110 General Psychology
PSY 111 Psychology Colloquium
PSY 230 Psychological Statistics
PSY 330 Experimental Psychology with Laboratory
PSY 372 Seminar
Students select seven to nine elective courses to complete the Psychology major. In consultation with their advisor, students are also advised to choose electives appropriate
to educational and vocational goals.

A minor in Psychology consists of 18 credits, including PSY 110 General Psychology.

Special Career Track: Human Resource Management

In conjunction with the general requirements of the Psychology major listed above, students pursuing a career track in Human Resource Management must complete a minimum of 33 credits from the following required and elective courses:

Required Psychology Courses
PSY 230 Psychological Statistics*
PSY 355 Organizational Behavior*
PSY 358 Human Resource Management*

Required Courses from Related Disciplines
BUS 100 Our Business and Economic Environment
BUS 210 Principles of Management
BUS 310Z Management Information Systems
BUS 325Z Business Law
PHL 249 Business Ethics

Additional Recommended Electives
BUS 200Z Financial Accounting
BUS 405Z Effective Business Presentations
ECO 101 Microeconomics
PSY 351 Social Psychology*
PSY 366 Dynamics of Group Process*
PSY 495 Internship*