Social Studies
The Social Studies track in the Interdisciplinary Studies Program is built around a focus in history with an additional 18 credits of course work chosen from Political Science, Economics and Sociology. Following the general requirements of an Interdisciplinary Studies major, students develop an appropriate breadth and depth of study for a coherent appreciation of methodology and content of several disciplines within the Social Sciences. This track also will provide students in the childhood (Grades 1-6) Teacher Education Program with a strong background in one of the common branch subjects taught in the elementary school. In this program, students may select courses which are consonant with the Social Studies framework recommended by the New York State Education Department. Students preparing to teach Social Studies beyond 6th Grade are required to major in History — 30 credit hours with an additional 6 credits in Economics and Political Science.

In view of New York State’s proposed new regulations for Teacher Certification, the Social Studies track and all other teacher education programs are subject to change.