Social Work Requirements
Majors in Social Work are required to take 43 credits of professional foundation core courses that prepare students for direct services with various client systems and 27 credits of support courses in related disciplines.

Professional Foundation Core Courses (43 credits)
SOW 220 Social Science Research
SOW 311 Social Welfare as a Social Institution
SOW 315Z Foundations of Social Work Practice
SOW 316 Human Behavior and the Social Environment I
SOW 317 Human Behavior and the Social Environment II
SOW 322Z Social Work Processes I
SOW 413Z Social Welfare Policy
SOW 423Z Social Work Processes II
SOW 424Z Social Work Processes III
SOW 495Z Field Instruction in Social Work I
SOW 496Z Field Instruction in Social Work II
SOW 491Z Senior Seminar

Required Support Courses in Related Disciplines (27 credits)

BIO 110 Concepts in Biology
Any other course in human biology
ECO 161 Contemporary Economic Issues for Human Service Professionals
Any introductory economics course
PSY 110 General Psychology
PSY 351 Social Psychology
PSY 366 Dynamics of Group Process
SOW 230 Interdisciplinary Team Building
SOC 100 Introductory Sociology
SOC 210 Racial and Ethnic Minorities
Political Science (select from courses related to American government)
A computer course
An American history course

To fulfill the requirements of the minor, a student must complete 18 credits in Social Work, including the following:
SOW 110 Social Needs and Societal Responses
SOW 311 Social Welfare as a Social Institution
SOW 220 Social Science Research
SOW 315Z Foundations of Social Work Practice
SOW 316 or 317 Human Behavior and the Social Environment I or II
6 credits of social work electives

To help prepare students for leadership roles in contemporary society, the department offers elective courses in social work as well as in Women’s Studies. The course SOW 289, Special Topics, is designed to offer an intensive study opportunity in an area of specialization not covered in great depth by existing courses. Topics offered in recent years include Case Studies of Immigrant Families, Dynamics of Family Violence, and Issues in HIV/AIDs. Students may select courses in some of the Graduate School’s programs with the approval of the Social Work chairperson, the course instructor, and the dean of each School. Students interested in this option should consult their faculty advisor.

Degree Requirements
Only those students who complete the Social Work Program in its entirety earn the B.S. degree with a major in Social Work. Graduates’ transcripts reflect the Social Work major and qualify graduates to use the B.S.W. designation in agency practice and/or on applications for admission to a graduate social work program. Upon completing the major, students are eligible to apply for advanced standing in graduate schools of social work and, if accepted, may earn the M.S.W. degree in one year instead of the two years generally required.

Admission to the Program
Students in good academic standing may declare a major in Social Work at anytime, preferably before attaining junior status. Prior to admission to the major, students should complete the following liberal arts
General Psychology
One course from each of the seven categories of the Liberal Arts Core Program

Freshmen who are interested in the Social Work Program are encouraged to take the introductory Social Work course, Social Needs and Societal Responses (SOW 110). To declare a major in Social Work, contact the Social Work Department chair and request a special application. As part of the admissions advisement process, the chair assists the applicant in clarifying aptitude and capability for pursuing a professional program in Social Work, and, if appropriate, assists in developing a program of study that meets the requirements for the major.

Transfer students, at the time of application for admission to the School, should meet with the Social Work Department chair to make formal application to the program. The chair will explain the requirements of the program and will evaluate transcripts to determine which courses are acceptable for transfer. Social Work courses successfully completed with a grade of C or better in a social work program accredited by the Council on Social Work Education are transferable.

In recognition of the value of human service study as a basis for the Social Work Program, the department has established articulation agreements with some local community colleges. These agreements specify the courses which will be accepted in transfer and the requirements toward which they will be applied.

To view a PDF of the Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes, click here.