Creating a Master Resume
College students are in an awkward position when it comes to resumes. Most student and recent alumnae/I are not settled in a career path. It is difficult to develop one document that will have relevant data for all of your applications (internships, jobs, and graduate school). Some programs don't care about your club involvement on campus, while other positions will be thrilled to know you’re a club president; many want a mix.  

Each position you apply for will require a unique resume, where you pull the most related experience from the master. It is helpful to create a master document with everything you've done since graduating high school. Include All Your Experience!

It is helpful to list EVERYTHING you have done.  Possible inclusions on your master resume include:

  • Jobs: full time, part time, summer, on-campus, temporary jobs
  • Unpaid volunteer work, internships, fieldwork, clinical rotations
  • Campus and Community leadership: offices held, project done (e.g. fundraising, organizing, supervising others)
  • Academic distinction, scholarships learned, honors, etc.
  • Certificates, special training, awards
  • Publications