Exploring Interests, Talents, Majors, and Careers
In this highly competitive, global environment, it is essential to have a well-developed career plan.  Many people don’t realize that it takes time and effort to find a job they really enjoy. Self and career exploration will help you in this pursuit.  

In self-exploration you will

  • Identify your interests, skills, talents and values and understand how to leverage them for a successful career.
In career exploration you will

  • Explore college majors and understand how they align with your interests and talents.
  • Target relevant careers that connect with you and your major.
Keep in mind that the best time to explore career directions is while you are still a student or are already employed. That way you’ll have the opportunity to compare careers without the pressure of being forced to take the first job that comes along. The exploration process can take a little or as much time as you would like. The important thing is that you do both pieces thoughtfully. In the end you will create a more satisfying and fulfilling career path.

As always, the Career Development Office is available to guide you through the process.

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