Internship Checklist
Whether you are pursuing an internship, externship or other experience, the steps are pretty much the same.  Use this check list to get started and keep you moving toward getting great experience!

  1. Get started early! For spring internships, apply in mid to late fall; for summer internships apply in late winter/early spring; for fall internships apply in late spring. The most competitive internships often have early deadlines for applications.
  2. Meet with your CNR academic advisor to determine if an internship or externship is right for you now and to discuss the types that make sense.
  3. Visit the CNR Career Development Office to create your plan of attack.
  4. Make a list of criteria that describe the type of internship or experience that is best for you.
  5. Research companies and advertised internships. Your academic advisor, the career development office and the internet are great resources.
  6. Develop a target list of contacts, companies and opportunities that fit your criteria.
  7. Create a great resume that showcases your accomplishments, achievements and skills.
  8. Write compelling cover letters that make you stand out from the crowd.
  9. Apply for several internships that fit your criteria.  
  10. Prepare for the interview; write your "30-second commercial" and flesh out success stories that bring your skills and accomplishments to life. Practice interviewing.  
  11. Register. If your internship is for credit, you will need to register and pay for it just like any other course.  
  12. Complete a learning contract; once you have secured an internship you will need to complete a learning contact and submit it to the Office of the Dean. You can get these from your academic advisor or the Dean’s Office.