Residence Life FAQ
Q: What are the opening and closing dates for the residence halls?
A: Please click here for the Residence Life Calendar.

Q: Is there internet access from each room?
A: Yes. The College is wifi equipped, including the residence halls. In addition, each bedroom is equipped with data jacks. You will receive a network account that will provide access to both the CNR intranet as well as the internet.

Q: What should I bring to campus when moving in? What items are prohibited in the residence halls?
A: Feel free to check out Decorating 101!

Q: Are pets allowed?
A: All types of pets are prohibited.

Q: When do I find out my housing assignment?
A: Housing assignments are mailed to you following Jump Start to Orientation. Please contact the Office of Student Development at (914) 654-5881 for more information.

Q: When do I find out who my roommate will be?
A: Your roommate’s name and contact information will be mailed to you along with your housing assignment.

What if I don’t get along with my roommate?
A: Roommates are encouraged to establish ground rules at the beginning of each semester using roommate contracts that are submitted to the Residence Director of each building. Residents are encouraged to review it mid-semester and again mid-year to insure proper communication among roommates. If conflicts require mediation, the Resident Assistants and Residence Directors are trained and equipped to handle these matters. Students are encouraged to see them if problems arise.

Q: What is the size of the beds in the rooms?
A: All beds are standard twin.

Q: Do the rooms have cable access for television?
A: Yes. The College of New Rochelle has cable network access in each room, with a broad selection of channels (including premier channels such as HBO).

Q: What kind of phone service is available?

Recognizing that many residents prefer to use their cell phones, Information Systems will only provide phone service to each room upon request. If you plan to bring a landline phone to campus and would like your service activated prior to your arrival on campus, simply call the Help Desk at 914-654-5012 or email them at and the phone jack will be activated.

Q: Can I have a car on campus?
A: Due to limited on-campus parking, resident students are not permitted to have a car on-campus.

Q: Are the residence hall front doors locked? How do I get in?
A: The residence hall exterior doors are locked and alarmed 24 hours per day and the front doors are monitored by cameras. Residents gain access by utilizing their CNR ID card. Full procedures are available in the Residence Life Handbook.

Q: Can I use my ID card for eating on campus? How much money can be added to my ID card? Does money on my ID card carry over each semester or from year to year?
A: The answers to these, and other ID card questions are available here.

Q: Is alcohol allowed in the residence halls?
A: Because the average age of students residing in the residence halls is under the legal drinking age of 21, no alcohol is permitted in Brescia or Ursula Halls. Since the average age of students residing in Angela hall is over 21, specific alcohol guidelines have been developed for residents of that building.

To learn more about life at our New York college, contact our Student Development staff at (914) 654-5881 or