Resume Tips
Employers receive dozens, sometimes hundreds of resumes in the mail every week. What will distinguish your resume from the rest? What will give you that competitive advantage? Writing a winning resume of course! Make your resume stand out from the rest and get the interview which will get you that job or internship!

Read ahead for important tips on creating and/ or improving a winning resume!

Important Fact: Did you know that most employers don't read all of the resumes they get. Instead, they give each resume a quick ten-second glance. If the resume is too long, too wordy, too cluttered looking, or too disorganized, it gets "filed" into the NO pile. The resumes they do read are organized, clean, and easy to look at. It shows that this person is a qualified candidate and can deliver results.

Purpose of a Resume

  • To provide a snapshot to a prospective employer of you and your professional experience
  • To create an interest in your candidacy
  • To obtain an interview
Resume Tips

  • KISS your resume: Keep It Short and Sweet
  • State your best qualities and be honest
  • Describe relevant experiences
    • Be sure to include any work experience you have in sales, customer service, community or volunteer work – this will help to demonstrate you have experience working with people- always a plus!
  • Avoid buzzwords or abbreviations
  • Keep in correct tense. Past tense for previous jobs, and present tense for your current job
  • Keep it neat, attractive, and easy to read
  • Bold, Italicize, or underline for distinction and visual appeal, but use one type of font
  • Use spell check
  • Be well-versed on everything you have included on your resume and be prepared to elaborate on things, if asked, during an interview
Do Not

  • Make your resume look like someone else's
  • Lie on your resume
  • Forget to carefully check for grammatical errors and misspelled words
  • Send it out without having a career counselor critique it!

Click here to view an example of a simple resume template