Resume Writing

A resume is a brief summary of you qualifications.  It introduces you to potential employers; a well-written resume should stimulate interest on the part of employers in the form of an interview invitation.

Resumes should be brief and concise (one page if possible) because an employer will quickly scan resumes before thoroughly reading them.  A poorly prepared resume can cost you an interview opportunity in less than 10 seconds. It needs to grab the reader's attention and highlight your skills.

Important Fact: Did you know that most employers don't read all of the resumes they get. Instead, they give each resume a quick ten second glance. If the resume is too long, too wordy, too cluttered looking, or too disorganized, it gets "filed" into the NO pile. The resumes they do read are organized, clean, and easy to look at. It shows that this person is a qualified candidate and can deliver results.

Purpose of a Resume

  • To provide a snapshot to a prospective employer of you and your professional experience
  • To create an interest in your candidacy
  • To obtain an interview
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