SNR Service Internship
Students in the School of New Resources can get involved with Campus Ministry by applying for the Faith-Based Community Service Internship.

The SNR Faith-Based Community Service Internship, a service-learning project for credit, provides opportunities for student leaders to assist the Office of Campus Ministry in its work of faith development, service, and peace and justice offerings.

For more information, contact your SNR campus representative:

Natalie Walters
SNR New Rochelle Campus
(914) 654-5531

MediaLibrary#1683Pearl Sullivan
SNR Co-op City Campus
(718) 320-0300

MediaLibrary#1684Prenella Phillips
SNR JOC Campus
(718) 665-1310

MediaLibrary#1685Tamatha Sibert
SNR Rosa Parks Campus
(212) 662-7500

MediaLibrary#5154Shawyonia Pettigrew
Dc-37 Campus
(212) 815-1710

MediaLibrary#1687Ellen Jacobs
SNR Brooklyn Campus
(718) 638-2500