Smoking Policy
The College of New Rochelle, as an institution with a strong commitment to healthcare education and wellness, has a responsibility not only to promote the prevention of illness but to set a positive example and demonstrate healthy lifestyles for the community it serves. Tobacco use is widely recognized as a major preventable cause of many diseases in smokers and non-smokers alike. To provide a safe, healthy, comfortable and productive environment for all who visit, study, or work in and around our facilities, the College has been designated as a largely tobacco-free institution, with smoking restricted to designated areas.  All faculty/staff, students, visitors, vendors, contract workers, volunteers, tenants and any person coming on to the grounds and/or entering the buildings are required to comply with this policy.


  • Smoking or otherwise using tobacco products (including cigarettes, cigars, etc.) is restricted to designated outdoor areas on the New Rochelle campus. 
  • Prohibition includes grounds (except where specifically designated), parking lots, ramps, sidewalks or plazas, or in vehicles owned or leased by the College.
  • Tobacco use in any vehicle when on College property is prohibited. 
  • At the New York City branch campuses, designated smoking areas will comply with all applicable local laws and regulations, including the NYC Smoke-Free Air Act.

Designated Areas

Two outdoor areas have been designated for tobacco use and are easily identifiable as such by benches and smoking receptacles.  

  • Maura Lawn by the driveway on Liberty Avenue and diagonally across from Angela Hall.
  • At the rear of 33 Leland and adjacent to the air-conditioning unit beside Gill Library.

The Director of General Services has been designated as the Compliance Officer, and any problems and complaints that cannot be resolved locally should be directed to him. Although the College‚Äôs Safety/Security staff have primary responsibility to enforce the policy, its success will require that all students/employees share in the responsibility to enforce the policy.  All students/employees are authorized and encouraged to communicate and reinforce this policy with courtesy and diplomacy to any person whom they see violating the policy.

The College will make available educational programs and opportunities for those smokers who wish to give up smoking. 


Smoking Cessation Websites/Resources