Is there a calendar of events?
The Office of Student Development's calendar of events can be found on online. Events can also be found on the College Calendar located on the Intranet.

How may I sign-up to attend an event?

To sign-up or make a payment for an event, students may visit the Office of Student Development located in the Sweeny Student Center Room 231, Monday through Friday from 9 a.m.-7 p.m. Students may also call (914) 654-5862.

How can I get involved with on-campus events, clubs, and publications?

Students are encouraged to become engaged in all facets of campus life. At the beginning of the fall semester, the SGA hosts an Activities Fair. This event allows all of the clubs and organizations to showcase their group’s goals and events. If interested, students are given the opportunity to sign-up to join organizations. Students are also welcome to visit the Office of Student Development to inquire and sign-up to participate in a number of on and off-campus activities. The main bulletin board of the Sweeny Student Center is also a great resource for students to learn about upcoming events.

What is the Student Government Association?
The Student Government Association is the principal governance vehicle for undergraduate students in the School of Arts and Sciences and School of Nursing.  For more information, feel free to email sga@cnr.edu.

How do I start a new club?
The Student Government Association (SGA) supports students who initiate a new club or organization geared toward their interest. To begin a club, there must be a minimum of 5 students who will be members of the group. These members will need to complete an Application for Recognition.

How do I get involved with sports and athletics?
Students who are interested in athletics are invited to learn more about CNR’s teams at the SGA Activities Fair at the beginning of the fall semester. Throughout the year, The Office of Intercollegiate Athletics is also always open to students inquiring about athletics and wishing to join a sports team. Students may also contact the Director of the Wellness Center and Intercollegiate Athletics or the team coaches by calling (914) 654-5315.  For more information, feel free to visit the Intercollegiate Athletics site.

Are there sororities and fraternities?
Sororities and fraternities are not recognized by The College of New Rochelle. Students who are active members of these organizations are invited to co-sponsor programs on-campus with recognized SGA clubs and organizations.

What are the class executive boards?
The class executive boards are comprised of elected students who represent their class years. The executive board is given a budget by the SGA to fund programs and events that boost school and class spirit and give the students an opportunity to bond with one another.