Where Can I Intern With My Major?
CNR students intern at sites where they can develop critical skills and get work experience relevant to their major, their interests and their talents. Identifying appropriate intern sites is a collaborative effort on the part of the academic advisor, the career development office and the student. Read more to learn about internships in your area of interest.

Human Services

Careers in human services occupations is the goal for many CNR students. Nursing students as well as majors in Social Work, Sociology, Psychology, Art Therapy and those seeking teaching certifications pursue internships in these fields. The College has excellent relationships with key agencies, hospitals, schools and organizations for the placement of interns.

Internship Sites: Bright Horizons, City of New York, Goodwill Industries, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Montefiore Hospital, Mount Sinai Hospital Psychiatric Treatment Center, New York Presbyterian, Westchester Department of Social Services

Communication Arts

Students majoring in Communication Arts are required to complete an internship and many have performed internships in television, publishing, public relations, advertising, sports marketing and more. The College has placed students in smaller entrepreneurial organizations as well as major media players such as NBC and ESPN.

Internship Sites: ABC-TV, ESPN, MTV Networks, New York 1, News12 Westchester, Time Inc., Westchester Monthly


In addition to Art Therapy and Art Education internships, the Art Department supports internships in Studio Art and Art History. Studio Art and Art History students have interned in the art and production departments at media companies, advertising agencies and other businesses as well as art studios, galleries and museums. Internships are required for Art majors.

Internship Sites: Cooper-Hewitt, F. Schumacher, The Guggenheim Museum, The Jewish Museum, Museum of Modern Art


Business majors at The College of New Rochelle have completed internships in marketing/ management, finance, human resources and financial services. Past internships have been performed at a range of both for profit and not for profit organizations. Internships are required for the business major.

Internship Sites: Habitat for Humanity, J.P. Morgan Chase, MTA, TD Bank, YMCA

Science and Mathematics

Students majoring in the sciences or math have completed internships in a range of situations including company laboratories, research, educational and scientific institutions and clinical practices within the health field.

Internship Sites: National Science Foundation Research Experience for Undergraduates

History, Law and Political Science

Teaching, law firms, non profits and government agencies provide fertile turf for interns majoring in history, political science and legal studies certification.